What is Nerium The age-defying night cream?

nerium age defyingYou’ve probably heard about Nerium.

If not, then here’s a golden opportunity to learn more about the latest marketing opportunities, as well as the premier anti-aging solutions provider everyone seems to be talking about. (according to this Nerium review)

Is it legit? Can I reap a handsome fortune out of it? Do the products really work? Well, expect a clear response to that, as well as other facts and information you might wish to know about Nerium in this article.

What is Nerium The age-defying night cream?

Commonly known as Nerium international, this is a direct sales company that has specialized in the marketing of a line of age-defying skin care products centered off the extracts from the Nerium Oleander plant. The company has been growing by leaps and bounds in both sales and integrity.

Jeff Olson, the founder of the company, stated that ” our passion is to develop a business that allows people to get the best out of their lives, become leaders, build and nurture lasting relationships as they have fun developing a solid business for both themselves and their families.”

Apart from that, It’s also renowned as a global research and development company that is dedicated to offering health and business solutions that are solely based on core science.

The Products behind Nerium
The company’s flagship product, NeriumAD age-defying night cream, was a first of its kind. Launched in 2011, it dramatically reduces 10-60%, the appearance of the following: hyperpigmentation, fine lines and wrinkles, uneven skin texture, aging and sun-damaged skin, as well as enlarged pores.

They day cream, another unique skin care product, was also launched in 2013. However, the company has plans to launch other products in the near future, including:

• NeriumAD Eye Cream
• NeriumAD Age-Spot Cream
• NeriumDerm Skin Repair Cream
• NeriumDerm Blemish Cream
• NeriumDerm Moisturizing Lotion
• NeriumDerm Contouring Lotion
• NeriumDerm After-Sunburn Skin Lotion
• NeriumCS Lip Serum
• And many more

Nerium oleander, the main ingredient of the company’s skin care line, has been in use, medically and esthetically, for over 1500 years. Advanced research, as well as clinical tests, have proved the exceptional properties of the ingredient in providing super-brilliant age-defying results.

How Nerium got started
On August 29, 2011, the company was launched. Through a partnership with Nerium Skincare Inc., they launched their exclusive licensing partnership with an aim to develop and distribute effective anti-aging skin care products

While testing the uses of Nerium oleander molecule on specific health problems such as heart disease, skin cancer and others, Nerium Skin Inc. subsidiary, Nerium Biotechnology, made an accidental discovery.

They discovered that the plant has special qualities and exceptional abilities to produce remarkable age-defying results.

After a series of clinical tests, the company’s age defying treatment was later developed, which has been a foundation to what we see now as a line of anti-aging skin care products.

Benefits of Nerium products
What makes these products worth spending a fortune on? Let’s take a look.

• Effective skin care products- Hundreds of testimonials and reviews on shopping websites have continued to pour in ever since the company launched their products. Worth noting is that most of them are positive reviews and great testimonials from satisfied users.
• The products have been clinically tested and proven to perform a series of functions, including reducing the appearance of wrinkles, lines, sunspots and pores.
• It comes with a 30-day money back guarantee, so even if you clear the whole bottle without noticing any positive changes, you can still send it back to get your money back.
• They contain essential moisturizers that assist to keep your skin supple and radiant. With the addition of the day cream, you’ll have round the clock protection.
• It has zero side effects. Through a process called NBio-PL2, Nerium scientists were able to able to extract the age-defying properties of Nerium Oleander while preserving its original natural form. Thus, it’s absolutely natural and it has been found to contain no harmful foreign elements

Furthermore, the benefits are not only exclusive to users of the company’s products, but even the sellers as well. For only $100, you can actually get started with Nerium International, having a Brand Partner Launch Kit. Thereafter, you can start your network marketing career and earn some income in the form of commissions and other incomes as well. Their compensation plan is simply amazing.

Note that Nerium International is currently a pool of veteran founders, partners, executives, and home office support personnel all dedicated toward delivering excellent services and products. This is what has won the public confidence in the company.

If you are considering an effective anti aging skin care solution, then this is an ideal choice for you. Moreover, for those who might also be interested in an exciting career that can generate them a good fortune, Nerium International is also a suitable option.

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