Scentsy Party Brings Organic Community Together to Support Baby’s Early Arrival

A family has seen unprecedented support after their baby arrived 4 months early last month, with friends co-workers joining in a powerful support network to help them out.

Lauren Raeann McConnell was born March 9 in Minneapolis, where her parents now spend nearly every waking (and sleeping) hour at her bedside in the Minneapolis Children’s Hospital. She will likely remain there for around 5 months, or until her expected date of birth would have occurred.

Baby Lauren was born with a weight of 1 1/2 pounds and length of just 12 3/4 inches. She’s slowly gaining weight thanks to a dedicated hospital staff and constant attention from her parents. They in turn are supported by an incredible community that has certainly shown its true colors with all forms of support.

Scentsy Rep Helps Out

One example of this is the enormous effort put forth by one community member, who also happens to be a Scentsy independent business owner. Her name is Tina Turek, a native of the small town in which Baby Lauren’s parents reside. The Belle Plaine native has moved to Montgomery, but will be hosting an online Scentsy party where she will donate a portion of her commission to Baby Lauren’s parents, Becky McConnell and Jethro Stier.

Other community members are pitching in, with one salon owner donating 10% of her April sales to the cause. There are some independent distributors for Doterra that are also making a difference. Ms. McConnell’s co-workers have donated cash cards and gas cards to her, gifts which brought tears to her eyes as she accepted them.



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If you haven’t heard of Scentsy, it’s a company offering wickless candles, body perfume products, and scented fragrance wax for the home. Customers love the idea because they get the benefits of scented candles without the dangers of having an open flame in the house.

Scentsy started out with wickless candles but then leveraged their fragrance research to expand into additional products featuring their hugely popular fragrances. They also sell electric warmers, which according to this popular Scentsy review, serves to warm the scented wax pods they sell in their most popular scents.

Scentsy is sold through home parties and online through a network of independent distributors. They have been in business for 11 years now, and it’s run by a husband and wife team who started in the direct selling business decades ago. Scentsy is a member of the prestigious Direct Selling Association, which serves as an industry standard on ethics of doing business.

The Outlook

Baby Lauren, who is still in Minneapolis Children’s Hospital’s neo-natal intensive care unit, has gained some weight and is now kicking her legs quite actively. Once she’s strong enough, she will be moved back to the hospital where she was born, Ridgeview Medical Center, and eventually into her real home with her parents. Her original expected birth date was June 24.

Scentsy is proud to be a part of the tidal wave of support for Baby Lauren. Actions like this, taken by Scentsy reps, just go to show that the world is a better place when people have the freedom to organize their work lives under their own terms. Had Ms. Turek been working for a big company, or even a small business, she surely would not have been able to support the Baby Lauren cause in this way.

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