Danica Patrick’s “Short Workout” Will Blow Your Mind

As we very well know, to compete in any sport at the highest level you would need to be incredibly fit. There is no denying that Danica Patrick, one of the greatest female drivers in the world races at a high level. It’s the goal of every good athlete to try to  be elite in every way, thought, act, and fitness.

5 Time Sprint Cup champion Jimmie Johnson was quoted as saying that strength and fitness routines are elemental in a driver’s preparation.

danica patrick crossfitThere’s certainly huge gains during the race, post race, and during the season from the training,” he said. “Being held accountable, week in and week out, helps you make a lot of choices during the week that lead to a better quality of life and, in the end, not only helps you physically, but mentally.”

One of her ex trainers said that when you spend time talking to her, you hear the strength and sense of purpose in her voice . He also said that even though she was only 5 feet and a little over a 100 pounds, she was pound for pound one of the strongest athletes out there, male or female.

Danica Patrick was quoted as saying “Of course, a good diet is also very important. In fact a diet plays a very large part in determining your physical fitness. Unless you plan to train with the intensity of a Navy Seal, you won’t make any progress if you neglect your diet and only focus on your workouts.”

So what kind of diet are you on, Danica? Oh how the public would love to know.

Is it protein powder? Creatine? Or meal replacement shakes?

In the past, she had tried bodybuilding, and she was also known as an avid runner. Nowadays, she has focused on yoga, saying that it helped her become flexible and that it had also helped her increase her sense of balance. In addition to her yoga exercise, Danica is known for her love of Crossfit. Here is a photo of her Crossfit regimen. She posted it on her Instagram profile for the world to see.

She claims that Crossfit is very good for teaching you how to create your own workouts. She also says that any crossfitter out there knows that all you need to make a workout hard is to add thrusters and also stated to make it even harder for herself she had decided to add a DB Complex, burpees and thrusters all in a row. We can’t blame her for the not so humble ebrag because if we were as fit as her, we would do it too.

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